Peterson Lockpick Tools - 3 Piece Extractor Set

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Designed to provide the length and strength required for the task at hand, Peterson's single sided extractors make key extraction easy. Where other brand extractors make you fight the lock, our patent pending saw profile makes the design of the lock work for you. In just a few seconds you can withdraw the most stubborn key. You will also find that the two hook extractors in this selection are sharper and stronger than competitive extractors. We offer these three extractors in sets of one each or two each to meet your specific needs. This is the "1 of each" set. PLEASE NOTE: Because of ongoing demand we have started to substitute the next generation Plastic Handle Extractors. We are not sure which ones you will get, but they all work great.

Please note that the video also shows our sidewinder extractors. They are not included with this offering.


Width: 1.27cm
Height: 1.27cm
Depth: 12.7cm