Peterson Lockpick Tools - 4 PIECE WAFER LOCK READER

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This 4 piece selection of tools replaces our famous WL-5 kit that had dipped handles. Now upgraded to our Government Steel, and with molded instead of dipped handles, we know you are going to love them. These three reader tools make reading wafers so much easier. The three Government Steel readers come in sizes you will need for your task. The molded handles provide an excellent grip, and the tapered angle to the reader tips is designed to take the stress out trying to fit your eyes, tools and Otoscope into one small viewing location. The included "Wafer Doc" is a simple tool that does so much! Its sharp pointed end pries the most stubborn frozen or encrusted wafers into place. The super strong pulling probe straightens out bent wafers. A locksmith's best friend when servicing seldom used, worn or abused wafer locks. Ask any professional that has used one; this little tool will quickly earn its place in your tool set many times over!