Peterson Lockpick Tools - Hook 7 - Gov Steel Plastic

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This pick is manufactured from 0.025 thick Government Steel and then molded into a black toned plastic handle. This is our thickest series of picks. While 0.025 are thicker than the 0.015 and 0.018 picks, they are designed with the "Euro" shank reduction to enhance egress into restrictive key ways. They are useful for locks having narrow key ways and to provide more strength than the 0.015 and 0.018 thick picks.

Please note that these picks are specially designed to provide you access in narrow key ways where standard picks will not fit. This reduction in width comes at a logical cost in rigidity. Using these picks in wider key ways means you will lose the side to side lateral support for your pick that a narrow key way provides. If you are heavy handed you may find that these picks will try to flex sideways, or even bend under high pressure in locks with wide key ways.