Sectional Garage Torsion Springs

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Please read before purchasing

Mishandling torsion springs, extension springs, tilt door fittings, tilt door hardware, tilt door springs, and associated door hardware can lead to severe injury or even death. It is strongly advised to seek professional installation.

DO NOT attempt to install these springs or hardware unless you possess the appropriate tools, a reasonable level of mechanical expertise, ample experience, and sufficient upper body strength. Familiarize yourself with all instructions before commencing any work.

In the case of doors equipped with two or more springs, it is imperative to replace all springs. DO NOT mix an old spring with a new one.

Extension and tilt springs, torsion springs, in conjunction with their accompanying hardware, are constantly under intense tension. All tension must be carefully released from the springs before any work is undertaken.


 Looking for a replacement spring?

All garage door springs eventually wear out due to metal fatigue, making it crucial to select the right replacement. Choosing incorrectly can result in the failure of your motor and other components.

How to determine the correct spring?

We utilise specialised software and spring calculation charts to assist you in selecting the appropriate unit based on your garage door's dimensions, including width, height, and weight. Simply bring in measurements, possibly along with a photo of your garage door, measurements of the spring, or the broken one, and you can acquire the precise spring you need.

In order to identify the correct spring, we primarily need to establish the wire gauge and length required.

Common sizes for sectional door springs:

  • 5.6mm x 650mm
  • 6mm x 760mm
  • 6.3mm x 760mm
  • 6.3mm x 970mm

Additionally, we'll need to know whether you require a left-hand or right-hand spring (as viewed from inside the garage looking out), or a pair.

We strongly advise replacing both springs, as they tend to wear out around the same time. In most cases, they share the same age, workload, and level of metal fatigue. So, even if only one is broken from a pair, it's likely the other is nearing its breaking point as well.