Sparrows Creeper Case

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Creeper Case

The Creeper case has a few different features that make it unique.
The main one being the ability to open the case silently by using the tab option.

A phosphorescent card is also included to aid in low light situations.
The card does not have a strong glow - this is to reduce any chance of a lingering afterimage of the card on your retina.
For best results your vision should have already adjusted to Night conditions.
This card can be reversed to run Dark.

The case has a removable internal patch for fully sanitized gear.
Fits 6 picks with handles perfectly .... you can jam in a few extras.
Without handles you can run 10...... you can fit in more if you wish.

For operational settings its recommended you do not load over 8 picks.
Locating and handling times increase if the case is maxed out.

For storage it doesn't matter .... you can stick a fork in there if you want.

Note: This is the case only, no lock picks included